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Link and Zelda Costumes: My Wife Wins Halloween This Year

I’ve been introducing my kids to the Legend of Zelda games (part of their Gamer Heritage), and they absolutely love them. We’ve played through Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess, and we’re working on Wind Waker now. They LOVE to play as Link and Zelda, so it was clear months ago what they wanted to be for Halloween this year.

My wife has been working for weeks on the costumes (mostly Zelda’s), and I can’t even say how AWESOME she is for making such an amazing costume for Emma. The details are perfect, and Emma looks amazing. And Gabe just lives and breaths Link. Besides the touches on his costume (a leather pouch that he made himself, a real ocarina, and the Hylian Shield that I made), he’s been practicing his sword moves, and has them down pat, straight from the games.

I love being a geek dad. 🙂

You can view and download all of the photos in [this Imgur album](