Gone Markdown Crazy

I’ve gone a bit [Markdown]( crazy today. It’s an easy way to write for the web. As someone who writes for the web a lot, it’s the most useful thing I’ve learned in ages. What took me so long?

First, I grabbed the [MarkdownMail iPhone app](, started testing it with [my Posterous](, then enabled it here on with the [WordPress plugin]( Now I’m looking for ways to use it other places – on my Mac, on my iOS devices, etc. Share any cool tricks or tools you know, please.

You probably already write at least partly in Markdown, and just don’t know it. I did.

_Update:_ I’ve switched to [Steven Frank’s branch of Notational Velocity that supports the Markdown preview pane]( I also discovered that [Tumblr]( and [MarsEdit]( support Markdown natively. I added Markdown and [SmartyPants]( as Unix Filter to [TextWrangler]( using [these instructions]( I also [added Markdown and SmartyPants as Mac OS X system Services using Automator](, so I can use them anywhere on my Mac (in TextEdit, etc.). I’m also going to install [the Markdown Syntax MediaWiki extension]( on Intelpedia, our big internal wiki at work.

See? Markdown crazy.