Using the Web to Watch Election Results

Every election is different – four years is a LONG time in Internet time. The tools and habits we have for getting our information can change a lot in four years. Here are some of the tools I’m using to track the election results today, besides my regular network of people on Twitter, FriendFeed, and blogs (which is where I get most of my news and information on any given day).

Google Maps Election Results

Pick your state, see live results. Get your own to embed on your site.

Google News Elections Coverage

Good summary of coverage from around the web. Has a nice mobile/iPhone version for keeping up away from a computer:


Twitter Vote Report

Interesting Twitter mashup, where people report conditions/experiences from their voting locations – wait times, any irregularities, etc. A real time stream of “on the ground” reports from Twitter, phone, SMS, and other means. Very cool grassroots project.


Don’t miss the “See It In Action” page, which has a bunch of embeddable maps/widgets with lots of cool data.

What About You?

What sites/resources are you using to track the election results? If you’ve got something cool or interesting to share, post a comment! 🙂

Update: Sarah Perez over at ReadWriteWeb has a much more exhaustive list of resources for getting your fill of this election. Video feeds, poll tracking sites, more mobile options, etc. If you’re looking for more election info, her post is a great place to start.

Update 2: Oh! And how could I forget!