My Cool New FriendFeed Email Signature. Let Me Show You It.

I’ve wanted a fancy schmancy email signature that shows my latest status/posts/whatever for a while now. FriendFeed added the ability to do an image-only embed a while ago, so this afternoon, I put the two together, with the help of the Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures Firefox extension, et viola! This is what now graces the end of all of my Gmail messages:

Josh Bancroft — — 503-334-1889

View my FriendFeed
View my FriendFeed

That’s actually two FriendFeed embeds combined into one – the “badge“, and the “feed” widget. The “status” widget only shows the last update, and I wanted more than that. I also had to hack the URL of the feed widget to display 3 items, instead of the 1, 5, or 10 that the builder on the site will let you choose, but that was trivial.

Now, to dig into Outlook and make an HTML signature with this in it for my work email. Then, I’ll be able to annoy EVERYONE equally. 🙂